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Finnegan's Juice and Java Bar
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The Three Faces of Mitt
Manatee to the white courtesy phone
Le plus gros śuf de Pâques ..
Some Best Bits and Bites from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Top Ten Indicators that your “occupation” is a spook show
Allow Me To Introduce Myself
Woody Allen film to open Cannes Festival - 1st lady has role
Paris: Riot cops want to keep right to drink on the job
I won't dance, merci beaucoup . . .
Songs with whistles
Supermarket Song Awards Show
Capistrano Swallows bypass Mission for Country Club
Free Republic thread before the Palin speech
Happy New Year - it's Dawn - again!
Happy Holidays!
Hey there
Welcome Todd Friedman!
Welcome MacGregor Eddy!
Bar. This is what I was looking for!
Welcome NinjaNina!!
Poll question: how do you like the fireworks?
Hi tess!! Great to see you here!
Welcome maggieaprl!
Dept of Weird News - Bride's bouquet brings down plane
Hi LilyPat!
The joke thread --all jokes, all the time!
US worker dies in chocolate vat
Welcome to Peace on Earth!
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