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PHOTOS: Arbre de Noël de l’Élysée - Elysée Christmas Tree
John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace
Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate, 1960 - VIDEO
Will 9 GOP Governors Electronically Flip Romney Into the WH?
Nov. 6: What has Obama accomplished in 4 years?
16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, 26-31 August 2012
Report: Blackwater training anti-Assad terrorists in Turkey
R2P: Another neocolonial figleaf
Pedro Pietri - "Puerto Rican Obituary"
Le Tweet that Roared: First Rotweiller sets France a-Twitter
VID: Tarpley on Syria: NATO imported Al Q to lead opposition
France: 'Homeric battle' - leftist Mélenchon vs. Le Pen
France’s foreign policy after Sarkozy
Titanic 100: Belfast concert marks 14 April centenary
Foundational Christianity
Whitney Houston, August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012
"State of Delusion": Rebuilding America With War C
What We Should Do In Iraq
It's a miracle: Amerindian woman tapped for sainthood
Founder of iconic Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Co dies
The Epitome Of What Is Wrong In Washington DC
Newt: "Invented People"
"Golgota Picnic": new Paris play incites protest
All the World's a Scam, iii: The 'Occupy' PsyOp
NY Review of Books: Strauss-Kahn was set up
Is Mitt Romney Electable
Entitlement Reform - The Wrong Direction
Tarpley on Adbusters, #Occupy GAs: "brainwashing techni
Do You Ever Wonder Why?
What's wrong with this picture?
If #operation #occupy comes, can far-right be far behind?
Hilly congratulates US NGOs for ginning up Arab Spring
Fidel: Reflections on Muammar al-Gaddafi
Lukashenko, Belarus: NATO terrorists 'worse than Nazis'
Peace On Earth
"Manufacturing Dissent": Anti-NWO funded by NWO
Kadhafi's last letter, written 3 days before his death
Jesus And Buddha – Hang Your Heads In Shame!
Chávez: Gaddafi’s assassination won't end Libyan resistance
VIDEO: Humanitarian War in Libya: There is no evidence
Meyssan: The lynching of Muammar Gaddafi
Can anyone tell me who Jesus really was?
.... For President
Peak Oil vs. Deep Oil -- some surprises
More Disinfo from CIA Honeypot Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald
Overthrow Inc or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love NVR
Syria, Libya, & beyond: Globalists prepare for 2nd phase
Egypt's Revolution: Creative Destruction - UPDATE LIBYA
Let's look in on Kyrgystan, shall we?
Spy agencies and their failure in solving high-profile murde
Jerry Brown’s Last Stand
Russians 'never, ever had sex in space': official
Why the West Wants the Fall of Gaddafi
Get more self-ish and greedy or humanity has no future
US trains thousands of internet "activists"
Libya: Is This Kosovo All Over Again?
Democracy promotion: The new regime change formula
Chossudovsky: Dictators are "Disposable"
The Junk Bond “Teflon Guy” Behind Egypt’s Nonviolent Revo
Aug. 2010: Mubarak pledges to keep Nile water in Egypt
UKGuardian: Egypt "protests" could spread to other
RFK Jr. on Chile's "privatization" under Pinochet
Fired Whitman undocumented maid plays the nanny card
Brown vs. Whitman: Brown up 5 points, 50-44, per Rasmussen
Is there a CIA convention or what?
I just don't get Alexander Cockburn this weekend
Galbraith's "Tremble, Banks, Tremble" is brilliant
"My Kind of Loyalty" by Daveparts
DU's new rules
A government that let's Monsanto exist is illegitimate
An old Jason Miller article from 2/12/2006
The Psychopathic Criminal Enterprise Called America
Lendman does us another favor
The day the world became Gaza
Ex-CIA officer suspicious of Polish plane crash
TruthIsAll's book is out
Jesus, Lendman-- "unprivileged enemy belligerent."
Pilger: Have a Nice World War, Folks
I Am Just a Dreamer and You are Just a Dream
Did anyone read Paul Craig Roberts "Goodbye"
Mike Adams on the mandated private insurance scheme
"The Power to Serve" by Daveparts
Hope Is Dead, Long Live Independent Activism
"And So It’s War!" by Daveparts
Three paragraphs from Lendman's latest
"The Jersey Girls" support AE911Truth efforts!
Obama Continues Bush-Era "Drug War" Hypocrisy
Obomb 'Em Article on Peace and Nuclear Freeze
Did anyone read these 9/11 pieces
There has been no global warming since 1995
"A Country of Serfs: Rule by Oligarchs"- Paul Crai
Is Rob Kall of OpEdNews for real?
Which Way to the Bastille? by Daveparts
Mag+ and the new technology on readers
Where is coverge of passing Cybersecurity R&D Act
Catherine Austin Fitts interview
Looking for Non-Violent Strategies to Fight Terrorism
Rewriting of "Joy to the World"
Rewrite of Star Spangled Banner
Keiser Report of 2/4
Bees by Dimitri Pisarev
Why are there always so many guests on this forum?
Is Obama's Senate seat the next to go?
Haiti's Earthquake: Natural or Engineered?
Obama: Babe in the woods, Bushbot, or Big Dog 2?
And tonight it's Salinger's turn..
You now owe $40,000 on the national debt
Kucinich shreds Democrats in exclusive interview
NPR: Bail Bondsmen Gut Popular Pretrial Release Programs
"The Other Side" by John Coleman-The Weather Chann
Mumia's 29 years: "A hell that Kafka could not dream of
Things That My Sisters Taught Me
Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009
Cheerleading for Wall Street
Thou shalt shoplift, Anglican priest tells congregation
Firedoglake says "Kill the Bill" - petition
The New Way
Borowitz - Senate Unveils CompromiseCare
Is Dickens' "Christmas Carol" Antisemitic?
IPCC's Global Sea Level Rising Statement is Wrong!!
Insider Exposes Globalists Red Hot Lies on Global Warming
Alex Jones paints the big picture today
Climate Change Criminal Conspiracy Copenhagen Culmination
The reason I like Alex Jones in 3:52
People's historian Howard Zinn dies at 87
What democracy?
Video Art as citizens strike back against the CCCC
Depopulation and "Ecoscience" by John Holdren
Obama channels LBJ and Rummy to pitch Bushwar to masses
"ClimateGate For Dummies" at
Notes on certain Google results like NWO and OWG
Stephen Lendman articles
Lisbon Treaty creating EU takes effect Dec. 1, 2009
End the Fed
JFK and the Unspeakable: new review in Global Research
Special appeal for notice of global warming hoax content
The Real Story of Thanksgiving
Ding ding ding, it's 4:19
Catherine Ausin Fitts
Sir James Goldsmith and Senate speech of Nov. 15, 1994
Oxford Word of the Year 2009: Unfriend
Afghan war: $1 million per soldier
National Debt crosses $12 trillion again on 11/14
The Nation: How We Fund the Taliban
Joomla!- Opensource for website building
YT: Ron Paul - New Orleans Investment Conference
Funny stuff
Obama team makes it official: Budget deficit hits record.
Zmag articles
Alex Jones Sunday Editions
Goldman Sach's articles
World's largest cruise ship sails for US port
Obama and the "Predator Left"
Alex Jones releases "Fall of the Republic"
The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Offic
The Obama Justice Department’s Secret Blogging Team… Is it I
Failures of Small Banks Grow, Straining F.D.I.C.
Marcy Kaptur & Simon Johnson on Bill Moyers
Significant vitamin D video
The six corporations controlling the world's food supply
Fidel: "The US cannot be the model for economic develop
The Thirteen Slaveries of Mythland, September 25, 2009
Global War and Dying Democracy: Global War is Next
Free Drugs For the Seriously Ill -- In Venezuela
'Evil & Orwellian' - America's right turns iits fire on
Why the Right's 'Astroturfing' Propaganda Is Textbook Psycho
Obama's Abu Ghraib solution
Vitamin Water's Empty Calories
Palin: Obama's "Death Panel" Could Kill My Down Sy
New Report details immigrant abuse by ICE authorities
Bush's torture legacy haunts the US
Crows' fabled ingenuity shines in intelligence tests.
Alabama city destroying ancient Indian mound for Sam's Club
Kenyan president praised for commuting 4,000 death sentences
DoD urges deployment of largest US bomb ever
Billions in bonuses for bailed-out bankers
Theaters fading to black in Westwood
H1N1 Pandemic: Pentagon Plans Troop Support of Vaccinations
Clinton won't comment on report she tried to hushup torture
New York Times:Uranium Contamination Haunts Navajo Country
Nat'l Council of Churches calls for justice for Cuban Five
Democracy Now - Military Operative Spied on WA Peace Groups
NYT: Health Policy Now Carved Out at a More Centrist Table
BBC: Afghanistan offensive 'a success'
CUBA: 50 years of Socialism - July 26 Viva la Revolución!
Tomorrow, July26: Celebrate 50 Years of the Cuban Revolution
Cngresswoman Waters introduced H.RES.582, Right of Children
Healthcare and Free Press: Two Human Rights We Lack
Hedges: No Reason to Be in Afghanistan -- Everyone Knows It
2010: Marcy Winograd running against Harman in 36th District
California budget deal to free 27,000 inmates
Kucinich: 'Is the Fed paying banks not to loan money?'
911 decision allows judges to toss civil suits they disfavor
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