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BBC VIDEO: Qaddafi in 1976
VID: Chossudovsky, Global Research: NATO's Conquest of Libya
RT VID: Clinton and Cameron laugh at the murder of Qaddafi
People Power - NEW VIDEO: "The Revolution Business"
Full Spectrum Dominance, by F. William Engdahl - VIDEO
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron
3 Vids on how the "Arab Spring" was manufactured
Cynthia McKinney in Iran - PressTV VIDEO - May 22
RFK Is Assassinated on 'The Kennedys' (VIDEO)
Google Video goes dark
e-Bat p3wned by her own petard
'Echo' - gotta see it to believe it
Whoregate: NOW endorses Brown, calls Whitman a prostitute
Links to links we ought to link to..
DONOVAN - The Universal Soldier
SuperLinks - Peace Action Groups (dial-up warning)
Links to 16 national and local Peace Action groups:
SuperLinks - News and Commentary (dial-up warning)
Keith Olbermann on FISA and Mark Klein interview
Hasta siempre
Moving technological story telling of WW2 Ukrainian history
YT video: The Worm Guy 27:56
The Mystery of the Sphinx
Too hilarious to ignore
Mercy Street
Prologue by Loreena McKennitt/Quotes from Rumi
'Up Tight'
Peter Dale Scott "Oil, Drugs the Future of Afghanistan&
Who knows where the time goes
You placed a sign on the road to guide me
Onion's take on 9/11 conspiracy
The Woodstock Music & Art Fair Thread
You said it could be random! Medley of the worst songs!
SuperLinks - Peace Action Groups (dial-up warning)
The Cuban Revolution - 50 Revolutionary Years!
ESPIRITU ANDINO - Music of the Peruvian Andes
VID: Obama Admits US Can’t Insure All Without Sing
US move to close Guantanamo faces complications - 21 July 09
Must watch - ignore the
Review of HBO Teddy Kennedy Documentary from LA Times
Inspiration Thread -- Words to Live By
Random VIDEO thread - no explanation necessary, just post'em
Picture only thread
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