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The Big Libertarian Blunder
PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:16 pm  Reply with quote
Xavier Onassis
Joined: 28 Jun 2010
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Extreme wealth and poverty has been brought about by libertarianism.  Libertarians believe in perfect freedom. They believe in the game of everyone on the starting line, unrestricted by rules, unhobbled by hobbles, so that the race is (apparently) fair. And then everyone runs and whatever you get is yours by right. That is all they see, all they understand. The complexities elude them, and they donít want to know about them. They cannot see them, and they cannot hear them when they are explained, and they have no will to strive to hear. Just let me race, without hobbles, and what I get is mine, and letís keep it as simple as my mind. As Jay Gould said: Everything I can grab is mine, and if it isnít nailed down, I can grab it.

For instance, Americans got freedom after a revolution (fought in pursuit of the great dream of Freedom From the tyranny of the European moneypowers!), and/but they interpreted it in a libertarian way: Whoopee, now I am free to get as rich as I can, and no one interfering.

And it was the same everywhere in the world. People never saw that it was more complicated than that; never have seen that that perfect simple freedom produces tyranny rapidly. A hundred years after the American Revolution, pay per hour ranged by a factor of one million, from 1cent to $10,000. The public rhetoric was still strong on prevention of wealth concentration, and would continue to be present, fading to nothing, for many decades, and yet democracy had been utterly overturned, without most people noticing. Money is power, so great inequality of pay per hour is great inequality of social power, which is tyranny-slavery.  We speak of democracy as if it exists, yet democracy is by definition rendered impossible by a wealthpower inequity factor residing in the billions - as we have.

How did this happen? How does perfect simple freedom rapidly produce extreme inequality of wealth and power? It is because of the successful illegal thefts, and the legal thefts. Not just the legalised thefts, the thefts produced by government action, but the legal thefts that exist naturally, and continue to exist by government inaction. In general, the existence of legal thefts is unknown and unsuspected. The race of perfect freedom is more like a series of running races, in which the losers of each race get handicaps for the next race, so that inequality of wealth and power grows and accelerates. It is extraordinary that in general no one has seen what has happened and sought to discover the cause, and stop it. Even the Henry George movement faded away. It seems that people have said: Oh well, never mind, letís just keep going. The bull-headed will of the wealthy and powerful, in control of government, has pushed its way over sanity and community, and everyone else has been dragged along behind, confused by rhetoric of freedom, unclear about what is going on. Of course, there was the pull-back of the New Deal, but this has been eroded. Ironically, this egalitarian move was exported to Japan, and it made Japan very strong, so strong that it was able to rise from the ashes of Hiroshima and 87 firebombed cities to top nation in 50 years. With safe streets.

Every empire has been strong, though small, with equality, and every empire has been weak, and fallen, though large, with inequality. The state built on injustice cannot stand. For 1000s of years, people have not been clear enough to control galloping inequality. It is the issue of humanity. It is at the root of all our sufferings and disorder. It is at the root of war and crime. The wealthy warmonger and cannon-fodder the rest of us because they can and because profits are greatest where the work-products are quickly destroyed and often wasted (eg, Harry Trumanís discovery of $14 billion of military waste and budget padding; see Plain Speaking).

Freedom as a virtue, a cause of happiness, is limited to every freedom short of injuring others. The legal thefts are injustices, which are injuries. Injury produces violence, which gets to everyone, from richest to poorest. It is injury which drives the growth of weaponry. We have bombs capable of destroying the planet. Violence is localised at any one time, but global in that it can appear anywhere at any time. Understanding and countering the legal thefts are essential to survival and happiness. People think billionaires are great, doing us good, creating jobs! They donít create jobs, demand creates jobs. A billion is far more than an individual can earn in a lifetime. It is overpay, caused by the many wide-open legal thefts. The most an individual can earn (create wealth by his own work) is less than $10 million. It ought to be obvious that people are working about equally hard. The average person works about 50 hours a week (housewives work an average of 92 hours a week) and no one can work more than 100 hours a week longterm, so no one can justly have more than double the average. Provided you pay students for studying, there are no rationally sound reasons for higher-than-average pay per hour.

But common sense is uncommon. People think that justice is a sacrifice, a limitation of freedom, and they (99%) go on getting poorer, more underpaid, and more angry, till revolution, when the 1% overpaid get pulled down, and then they grow inequality and violence all over again.  Like 100 children with 1000 sweets, and a game-rule: grab as much as you can and grab from each other as well, which results in mayhem, ever-growing violence. The fever of climbing the ladder, the competitive race, totally absorbs them, and they do not learn the lesson of history, that perfectly simple-minded freedom is hell, is chaos, is war, crime, riot and revolution, is destruction for all.

Community is limiting freedom short of injury to others. We never learn that injuring others is injuring ourselves. Yet whenever did you spit on someone and not get a broken nose? We always expect that others will take injury lying down, although no one has ever taken injury lying down. If we loved ourselves with intelligence, we would be very careful not to injure. We would be keen to understand the unconscious injury in the legal thefts. We would see that the understanding and countering of the legal thefts is the way out of war and crime and crises, out of global annihilation coming to our house soon. We would see that overpay is hell for the overpaid, for everyone is climbing up on them, making overpay a constant wearing fight with all. Every heap of wealth, national or individual, is always weaker than the rest of the world. The Sicilian mafia are naturally attracted to America, and they conquer their way to the top, from where they have to fight everyone climbing the ladder. With the top level intensely engaged in maintaining their position against all comers, there is little time for governance, let alone good governance. The people at the top are the most vigorous, least imaginative, least aware people. They know only fighting, besting others by all means, like Jay Gould, and Hitler. They are the ones who most underestimate the power of the injured, the ones with least sense to get along with others, the ones who most ignore the virtue, the happiness-potential, of justice. But all people are weak in understanding the vast benefits of justice, of avoiding injury. And so weaponry has grown for 1000s of years. To 60 times PDC (planet death capability). And still we are not anxious to understand less simplistically. Still we are gung-ho for the old way, the simple freedom race of every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost.

But the devil takes all, even before annihilation. Each working person, including housewives and students, earns and creates around $100,000 of wealth, of work-products, a year. Plenty and peace. Non-injury. Abundance of order and democracy. 100 times faster technology progress. And look around at what we have made, with our simple minds. Devastation, chaos, dis-information, confusion, terrors, horrors, waste, destruction. Rulers have been falling from the heights for 1000s of years. The overpaid, over-powerful are few, and everyone has been climbing for 1000s of years. That ought to tell people that as many have fallen as risen. And we still have one-idea libertarians, able to ignore the legal thefts. And they are still in a majority, drowning out objective, dispassionate discussion. The libertarians are doers, energetic people who just want to get doing. But even the thinkers are not yet aware of the legal thefts that cause all the mayhem. Many of them have been bought. It is only with a gigantic, heroic, unprecedented, fiercely honest mental endeavour by many individuals that humanity will rescue itself. Or perhaps a cosmic wave of intelligence is about to break on this planet, and reality will become clear to all.

So freedom is a good until it is unjust (injury). The philosophical defence of freedom is until it is injury. Unlimited fortunes are necessarily unjust, because individual contribution by work is limited. The individual earnings are limited to what an individual would produce in nature, plus an equal share of the benefits of division of labour. (An equal share, because division of labour is a community project.)

What if the society is unable to make something illegal because all are deceived as to the good of unlimited fortune, because all believe more money is always better?

The social pool of wealth is limited, because individual contributions to the pool by their work are limited. (The pool of wealth is potentially infinite, because it can grow without limit, but it is at every stage finite, not infinite.)

Many people believe that whatever money a person pulls is rightly theirs, because they do not know the legal thefts, and because of conviction that more money is always better. When people become rich, they defend the money they have, ignore any arguments that the money includes overpay, and use every argument to defend the money (including libertarianism). The underpaid do not have the lack of objectivity of the overpaid. The underpaid can see it is unjust, the overpaid cannot. So there is war. (And truth is the first casualty of war. Hence the flood of dis-information. Eg, WMD in Iraq.)

Libertarianism is, at best, freedom without justice. Libertarianism is: If I pull the money, it is justly all mine, and no government or person has the right to take it from me. This is believed in ignorance of the legal thefts, or in closed-minded refusal to admit the legal thefts, on the untrue assumption that unlimited wealth is good for the person who has it. Unfortunately, but understandably, the underpaid permit and support the legal thefts, because they hope to repair their underpay by them, although the legal thefts donít, they take more from the underpaid than they give.

The legal thefts create overpay-underpay, which is also overpower-underpower, which is unfreedom, tyranny-slavery. Why did the founding fathers try to prevent wealth concentration? Because money is power (the second greatest power), and inequality of power is undemocracy, unfreedom. They tempered their libertarianism with justice. Pay justice is the most important justice, because money buys virtually everything, including social power.

People interpreted freedom as freedom to get unlimitedly rich, which re-grew tyranny. It should have been obvious that no one can work more than twice as hard as the average person, and that fortunes could therefore be limited to twice the average. But no one was interested in making that argument, because everyone had the mistaken notion that unlimited fortune was glorious and good.

If people have open grabs on limited wealth, all-grab-all, you get ever-growing inequality, violence, disorder and unhappiness. Like 100 children, 1000 sweets, with a game rule to grab from each other too. Perpetual escalating fighting, hostility, suspicion, enmity, instead of eating fairshares and playing happily perpetually. $40 an hour for every working person including housewives and students, $100,000 per working person including homemakers and students, $200,000 per family. America (and every other empire) has not confined its all-grab-all within borders, but exported it everywhere, and so its danger, labour, fighting, fatigue, are all the larger.

Justice is a virtue. Virtues are causes of happiness. Injustice is injury. Each injury causes an endless escalating vendetta back-and-forth of injury. It is in everyoneís interests to pursue and capture justice, especially pay justice, if you want to play perpetually in amity together rather than fight to exhaustion and extinction. (Pay injustice produces all the other forms of injustice, like corruption of officials.)

What has freedom to pursue unlimited fortunes given humanity? Freedom for everyone, from richest to poorest, to be embroiled in super-extreme escalating violence, rising to nuclear extinction soon, freedom for 99% to be underpaid, freedom for 90% to be paid less than 100th of average pay per unit of work, freedom for 1% to perpetually try to fight off the 99%, and the others in the 1%. Freedom for everyone to be extremely poor in enjoyment, peace, safety, leisure, relaxation, company, community, health, sanity, order, maturity, education, trust, generosity, kindness, beauty. To be extremely rich in danger, labour, war, crime, fatigue, insanity, mis and dis and un education, corruption, horror, terror. Nuclear fear fatigue will not stop nuclear extinction coming. Global extinction bombs and super-extreme (giga-astronomical) pay injustice, increasing fast, means a boiler, relief valve stuck, pressure gauge in the red and rising. It must blow soon.

The defense costs are exhausting the first world, as they exhausted every empire and plutocracy in history. We can no longer afford a war. A 60th of the bombs will create enough fires to put up enough smoke to drop the temperature 25 C, three times colder than a natural ice-age.

It is no time for closed-mindedness, immaturity or delay. It is time to get real like we never got before. Bite the bullet of the adamantine golden rule: donít hit people, they hit back. Pay justice or misery and extinction. Pay justice is not a hardship, is not a loss. It is social, economic and psychological riches. 100-fold happiness. Would anyone (outside a madhouse, or even in a madhouse) suggest taking 90% of wealth off 90% of people and giving it to 1%? No, not in a million years. So take to deepest heart the fact that we have pay injustice, and misery, over a million times worse. Take to heart the fact that we can be super-extremely happier, like children who stop all-grab-all with the sweets and eat 10 sweets each ($200,000 per family) and then play together.

I am not talking about giving money to people regardless of whether they deserve it. I am talking about giving money back to people who have earned it. Learn to hate the false justifications for pay for no work as you hate misery and extinction, because that is what they are. Exorcising the false justifications for pay for no work will lift you and everyone up into maximal freedom, unimaginable happiness, incredible productivity and progress, extreme reduction of war and crime. (Donít imagine that religion and race are also causes of war. The places with religious or race differences without economic disparity along religious or race lines have no violence along religious or race lines, the places without religious or race differences with economic disparity have violence.)

Will humans act with wise self-interest? Will we re-activate our pursuit of happiness with realism? Will we after all these years dive into the ocean of gifts that pay justice has for us? Will we jump out of our mental grooves? Imagine if we did.  The well of humanity would start to fill. I think there would be rejoicing. I think we would begin to feel proud of ourselves. I think our spirits would lift. I think we would recognize with relief that we had at last conquered that disease of pursuit of unhappiness.

The vote, and the right to bear arms, are nothing against concentration of power by wealth. How much money you have determines how good your weaponry is.

Let's address the voluntary argument, which is a chestnut of libertarian economics. A contract or decision cannot be voluntary without full knowledge and choice. A choice to buy is always made with limited knowledge of the relevant facts. The buyer and the seller donít know the exact amount of work that has gone into the product. The buyer doesnít know the exact work-value of the product. No one does, no one can. The buyer doesnít have the opportunity to buy at strictly fair price, ie, a price that pays for all work inputs, no more or less. A voluntary situation would exist only where the buyer had in front of him the product at the price as in society, and also, beside it, the product at the exact work-value price. Necessarily, unavoidably, prices are different from costs (which are the work-value in them, including full and fair pay for principals, owners, no more or less). And that is legal theft. Unavoidable legal theft.

What is supposed to happen is that a working personís wealth after a transaction is the same as it was before, just in different work-products. We invented job specialisation, which necessitated trade, and trade is to give out the specialised products we produce, and get the products we want. Trade shouldnít leave us better off or worse off in work-value. The amount of work in the products we buy should be equal to the amount of work we do. Anything else is theft, that is, unilateral shift of wealth. Even if people are perfectly honest and friendly with each other, with no desire to take advantage, to get advantage (to steal), they cannot avoid inequality between the work content of the two things exchanged. And that causes legal theft. Over many transactions, that has to cause a bell curve of net gains and losses from large gain to large loss. Just as tossing heads and tails has to result in strings of heads, and strings of tails, with longer strings rarer, but inevitable. So, ever-growing inequality (theft) is built in to transaction itself. The bell curve widens with every transaction. And of course most people have lesser or greater will to take advantage of the ignorance of the exact work value of products to edge prices and costs in their favour. The only device we have had to minimise the inequality (theft) is caveat emptor, buyer beware. That is, beware of the will to take advantage, to try to steal, by puffing appearance of value, and increasing price above costs (including fair pay for the work of principals, owners). (Costs are ultimately all work costs. Only work produces wealth. Money only represents work-products, money only represents wealth creation by work. Work products are substantial wealth, money is symbolic wealth. No work means no work-products, means the money is worthless. To halve the workers is to halve the wealth. Double the amount of money with same work-products and every dollar buys half as much. All the money equals all the work equals all the work-products.)

As far as I know, no one has to-date seen this inequality built in to trade. And part of the reason is that people donít want to see it. We find it easy to believe what we want to believe, and we want to believe in the equality of trade because we believe in the goodness of all levels of wealth. The universal idea is that more money is always better. But wealth contribution by work is limited, so unlimited fortune has to be theft. And theft is injury, and injury produces violence, ever-increasing violence, and violence gets to everyone, from richest to poorest, so more money is not always better. Self-earned money is perfectly good, other-earned money is always bad. One injury produces an endless, ever-increasing vendetta back-and-forth of injury.

A progressive tax and welfare programs are unjust only if the state of wealth is just, if there are no things in society shifting wealth from earners to non-earners. The progressive tax is based on a recognition that there are legal thefts in society, that a few (ever-changing) individuals get more and more per unit of work they do, and most get less and less. It ought to be obvious to everyone that this is so, just from seeing that income per yearís work ranges by a factor of one billion, from 10,000th of average to 100,000 times average.

Bureaucracy is proportional to pay injustice. Every empire has suffocated to death on its bureaucracy. Pay justice produces not only peace, safety, order, survival, etc, but also small government, low taxes, cheap money, low interest rates, high capital formation.

The individual contribution of the individual to wealth by work is limited, why should fortune be unlimited? The American dream of a land of the free, away from the tyrannies into which Europe had fallen, was based on limitation of fortunes. And yet even America does not grasp or remember this. It seems that the conviction that unlimited fortunes is the fount of all good is so deep in the American psyche that it is impossible even to bring American thought back to the vision of their founding fathers.

How simple is it that tyranny is utterly dependent on super-overfortunes? That where superwealth is, tyranny is. How simple is it that everyone's contribution to wealth is limited, not unlimited? Why do we fall prey to the illusion that an unlimited personal wealth system is abundance, and a limited personal wealth system is poverty? How obvious is it that since everyone's contribution is limited, fortunes can exceed this limit, and thus get into overpay, which causes underpay, which causes the violence, the escalation of war and weaponry to extinction? The illusion is a gambler's illusion: the bigger the jackpot, the richer we all are! No depth of poverty can destroy the gambler's illusion that bigger jackpots are better. Apparently the more primitive parts of our minds cannot grasp that the higher the water in the tub is thrown, the lower the water level in the tub must sink. Unlimited wealth is unlimited poverty. Which we definitely have. It is clearly an illusion [and a very powerful one] that makes us feel comfortable with superwealth for very few and starvation for 50 million a year. How do we manage this? We are dazzled, excited, thrilled, entranced, besotted by the brilliance of the superwealth, and we simply attach no significance to the superpoverty.

There is superabundance for all. There is US$200,000 a year for every family in the world. [doubling every 12 years or so with global inflation.] That is, the family working average hard produces US$200,000 of goods a year. And yet we can think it right and proper and good to have 1% paid up to a million times the average, 1% paid 90% of the products of world work, and 1% of humanity starve to death each year. This is okay. This is 'unfortunate, but there it is'. The founder of Christianity said that superwealth is bad in the strongest possible terms, and yet 2000 years has been too little for this to have the slightest impact on the ideas of Christian nations. The wealthy are most highly respected. They are even loved, adored! It seems it is impossible to plant the idea in human minds that overpay is killing us, has done us vast harm. The very word, overpay, is hardly in use. And yet it must be obvious to some part of us, that no one can work more than twice as hard as the average.

We have the ideal of liberty, equality and fraternity, and we have the super hyper extreme opposite practice. We would never say that we believe in extreme slavery, maximal inequality and minimal fraternity, and yet we act in that belief every second of every day, and reap the extreme violence, disorder and danger without question! We would never grant that we give away enormous amounts of money to a few individuals, and yet we do. It is clear from the fact that 90% of people are paid between a 10th and a 1000th of the average, and that another 9% get between the world average and a 10th of the average, and that over 90% of world earnings goes to the remaining 1%. If the lowest hourly income is graphed at one millimetre, the highest hourly income is graphed at 1000 kilometres, a million metres, a billion millimetres. This astounding fact should go round the world in days. It should have gone round the world a long time ago. Something strange and very powerful it must be that prevents us grasping this fact in all its enormous significance. Equal pay per hour, which, however unjust it might be has to be enormously more just and peaceful than what we have, is regarded with immediate instinctive unthinking aversion, and as terribly unjust, and the present state is regarded as 'innocent', as innocuous, as good, as just! Have we been wired back to front?

A just cap on personal fortunes defeats all methods past, present, and future of circumventing justice.

It seems that the general reaction to the idea that the rich have money that belongs to other people, and that this money can and should be gone after, in the names of peace, happiness, justice, democracy and everything good, generates fear, not excitement. Most people instinctively side with the rich, somehow, and when there is talk of taking money off the rich, people feel it as if it was money being taken off them, instead of money that belongs to them being returned to them. People seem to feel the idea as an attack on all the order in society. They seem to feel it as an invitation to theft, instead of feeling it as a return to justice and freedom from social disorder and disturbance. This feeling, so strange, and so hard to understand, is the reason that humanity has suffered so terribly, and so unnecessarily, for so many thousands of years. This strange reaction has kept humanity in bondage to vast, gigantic and unnecessary pain and suffering for a very long time. Looking at this reaction, trying to see it and understand it, is the key to the opening of the possibility of undreamt-of peace and happiness for humanity, is the key to our very survival.

Although we have this strange reaction, feeling that the rich really deserve their wealth, and that it is bad to even think of taking it from them, at the same time, we have the contrary feeling that we deserve more, that there is injustice. It is the sense of injustice that drives the wars and other disturbance. It is very clear that there is injustice when a few have so much and so many have so little, while the many are doing most of the work. Everyone will willingly say that there is social injustice, meaning that some deserve more, but no one seems to be keen to go from the word injustice to the word theft. And yet what is injustice in regard to income except theft? Somehow no one wants to think of the rich as thieves, as having the belongings of others, as being bad, as being wrong. On the contrary, there are some who will defend the 'rights' of the rich with intensity, with passion, with anger, with strong conviction. We have had millenia of rich and poor without the general feeling of humanity coming down firmly on the idea that this is wrong, is dangerous, is cause of many evils. If the general feeling had ever come to the point of certainty that it was wrong and harmful to all, we would have had a will to do something about it, and we would have done something about it. It isn't just that the rich have been propagandising for millenia that they are good. I think on the whole they haven't had to. The support has been there from the people, from the many, from the general opinion, which is so contrary to common sense.

This 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer' has been going on for a very long time, and therefore has gone a very long way. The richest are very very rich indeed, the poor are very poor indeed. And money is power, so the richest are very very powerful, tyrannical, and corrupt. And tyrannical means the rich do many terrible things, like murdering millions of people, more or less at will. And poverty is anger, and desperation, and violence. The income or increase in fortune for a fortnight's work ranges from US$1 billion to $1. That is, from a million times the average pay, to a thousandth the average pay.

A billion times as much for the same amount of work! A billionth as much for the same amount of work! I think people cannot really take that range in. It is beyond the general human powers of imagination. It is staggering.

It is the mother of all facts about human existence.

Say that the range of pay for a fortnight's work is from $1 to $1 billion and you have told the story of human existence. That fact is enough to deduce enormous violence, enormous suffering, enormous disorder, enormous waste of happiness. A perpetual storm of crisis and disaster, chaos and craziness. And yet, there is this powerful reluctance to even think of the rich as having money that belongs to others. Individual minds come to that conclusion, yes, but it makes no headway in the general thinking. And this reluctance is the cause we are wedded, welded to war. And war is escalating. War and weaponry have been escalating steadily for thousands of years, and war and weaponry have escalated very dramatically in the last century, and yet there is a lack of concern, a lack of a general search for answers. We ought to be desperately seeking the answer, the exit from this nightmare, and we are not. At the same time, there must be consciousness of the injustice and theft, for it is that understanding that drives the violence and other disturbance. It is as obvious as obvious can be that there is enormous poverty and enormous wealth, and that this cannot be right, that is, that it must be theft, and the cause of most violence, and yet there is also at the same time a failure to grasp and face these obvious points.

The purpose of government is justice - James Madison. This is because injustice is injury, which produces violence, which is ever-growing, and gets to everyone. So the purpose (mission, aim, duty) of every person is justice. The state [and globe] built on injustice cannot stand, Roman proverb. So patriotism does not exist without pursuit of justice. And pay justice is the most important form of justice, because money is the joker good, good for most things, including necessities, including social power.

It is surely, simply clear (to objective mind) that if one person has the property of 1000, he also is unhappier, with merely 1000 times more than he can use, and 1000 enemies instead of 1000 friends. Pay injustice is lose-lose, justice is win-win. That is all we have to grasp. All history teaches the misery of the overpaid. All logic supports it. Past wisdom supports it, in fragments. The bear with all the honey spends his life fighting off hungry bears instead of being happy. The messengers are not the enemy. Reality is. The fight is not with the messengers. Defeating the messengers is not victory. When the messengers have gone away, reality remains with you. It is just between you and reality. Reality bites everyone who is wrong. Reality is perfectly heartless. The coffee table doesnít move if youíre about to walk into it in the dark.  Basically the entire human species has been libertarian for 1000s of years, and remains so today.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:10 am Reply with quote
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Fantastic XO, and I follow you perfectly until the last sentence:

Basically the entire human species has been libertarian for 1000s of years, and remains so today.

That part me puzzles because if I'm reading this piece correctly you're basically saying that the ballyhooed liberties of libertarianism are part of the capitalist fairy tale we're told to get us to surrender to it, but are just fables?  

Other than that tho I wholly agree with everything you've said!  

"And that is the most important topic on earth: peace. . . . Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. . . . [but] genuine peace."†-- John F. Kennedy, American University Commencement, †Washington DC, June 10 , 1963
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reality's rude awakening looms
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:10 am Reply with quote
Xavier Onassis
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Well, Luper I still have some wee hope that it won't long remain true, but as of now the human species is definitely still operating under the influence of the unsober (hallucinogetic) idea that restricting personal fortunes to taking out what you put in is unjust.  This species - ignorant of the danger, the self-harm - is still getting it precisely backwards in the realm of economics.  How many people do you know who are actively campaigning to restrict pay to the amount it is possible for a being living in a human body to self-earn, no more and no less, eh?  Who is out there shouting to remarry reward to sacrifice - as natural justice (and plain good sense!) demands, eh?

If libertarians truly wanted the smallest possible government they would stop using every illogic available to economics attempting to make excuses for the egregious injustice of overpayoverpower - and they'd start campaigning in earnest for pay justice.

But libertarians be too simple-minded, as I said.  Complexities are too much for them.  Ask them: Just where IS this minimalist-government Paradise you're always going on about??  There ain't one in the whole world, Sugar - but that part of reality is not allowed on their blinkered radars.

Look.  This is the deal, Humanity...write this down:  We constitute governments as a necessary evil for the benefits we wouldn't have without them.  All governments are pirates if you let them be pirates: stop whining for the whambulance and get vigilant for pity's sake.  Are you going to be a response-able adult, or not?  Governments have been devoured by superwealth: if you don't know that much then stop living under that rock.  If you want democracy - well, democracy means the people rule - so get busy and do your job of ruling yourselves, your country, your world: watch your government like a hawk, make it give you and everyone fairpay law - and stop with this infantile 'government be bad' crap whilst you go on adoring and supporting the superwealth that always devours governments.

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The Big Libertarian Blunder
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